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i know we all love the fics and headcanons where bucky is gentle with steve and takes special care not to be too rough or hurt him

but come on


bucky doesn’t hold back from pulling him into his side or into a hug that leaves steve surprised at its intensity 


bucky is the only person in the world who saw how strong steve was before the serum and the only one who didn’t treat him like he was frail and weak

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but imagine at every Hogwarts party there’s a group of Hufflepuffs who don’t drink because once the party is over they walk the super drunk students home and help them to their dorms and make sure they don’t vomit on any paintings and they answer the riddle for the Ravenclaws or tap the tune for Hufflepuffs and make sure to get the passwords for Slytherins and Gryffindors and they’re just overall sweeties.

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